Heavy Metal Girl

Heavy Metal Girl 1.3

A free and entertaining rock and roll shooting game
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In this free and entertaining game, you are a cute girl, armed only with an electric guitar and a strong will, who needs to stop an alien invasion. You need to aim your guitar and shoot the aliens down. The game has several levels, the next more difficult than the previous. Every time you shoot down an alien, a prize is released and you need to get as many of them as you can. Every prize gives you an extra ability; for example, the hearts give you more health, the boots make you faster, and so on. Although the game appears to be easy, it is not; you need to be very careful and learn to keep your health through the different levels. The graphics are good, and the soundtrack is very cool, getting you in the mood for shooting some alien enemies. If you enjoy simple shooters, then you may enjoy this free game.
The installation wizard asks you to install HiGames' toolbar, to set the company's website as your default home page, and to get alerts on new games. You can decline to do so and still have the game installed in your system.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Fun
  • Entertaining
  • Cool soundtrack


  • You need to start over again the entire game every time you get busted
  • Story and options are in Japanese only
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